Club Pickleball Tournament

Surprise! With the surging popularity of pickleball at the Clubs we’ve decided to hold our first annual Pickleball Club Championship. The 3-day event will be played indoors at Athletic December 2 - 4 and is open to all TAC members (with a few age and eligibility stipulations which we’ll explain below).

Unlike tennis, like events at pickleball tournaments don’t usually crossover days, i.e. singles is played one day, doubles another and mixed a third. Assuming no hiccups, we are planning on the following schedule of play:

  • Friday, December 2 - Singles (Yes, depending on the size of the draw, the singles events could start Friday morning.)
  • Saturday, December 3 - Men’s and Women’s doubles
  • Sunday, December 4 - Mixed doubles

The registration deadline is Friday, November 25, at noon. You must be 21 years of age by December 2, 2022, and an active member, in good standing, of the LRAC, LRRC, NLRAC or DAC, to participate.

So here’s the slightly tricky part…

Because pickleball is still trying to sort out the game’s governance and there’s no official ratings tracker or tournament software provider, there are a number of companies attempting to fill the niche. We have decided to partner with one called DUPR to help organize our play but, be forewarned, it’s not as intuitive as we would prefer to set up your account. (Sadly, all of the ones we reviewed had issues but DUPR seemed to be best of breed at this point.) Anyway, hang with us for a bit more and we should be able to get you going with minimal pain.

There are three situations we need to address - players completely new to DUPR, players who need to “claim” their DUPR accounts and players that have already created a DUPR account.

New to DUPR

If you have never been involved in a pickleball match - tournament or other - in which one of the players has referenced recording the score in DUPR, you probably fall into this category. All you have to do is follow the link below, click “Sign Up” on the home page, provide your personal details INCLUDING DATE OF BIRTH and attach yourself to our Club which we will describe below. There is no fee for creating a DUPR account.

“Claiming” a DUPR Account

DUPR has a feature whereby a player can enter another player’s information (or partial information) in order to record a match score. If you play regularly with people known to use DUPR, you will want to check and see if your profile has already been created in the DUPR system. If so, you will want to “claim” that profile and complete the required fields INCLUDING DATE OF BIRTH. You’ll see a “Claim Account” button next to your name if you fall into this category. To check, click “Search” in the “Search our Player Database” field on the home page.

Existing DUPR Member

You know the ropes. Just make sure you’re affiliated with our Club.

Club Affiliation

Before you can register for the tournament, you’ll need to become a member of our online DUPR “club.” To do so, go to your player dashboard, click on “Clubs” and search for “The Athletic Clubs” then click “Join Club.” Once you’ve joined our online DUPR club, you're ready to register for our tournament events.

Tournament Registration

Another little hiccup in DUPR is that they only allow up to 40 brackets in a tournament. Because we have more, we had to break our Championship into three separate online tournaments. If you want to register in more than one division, i.e. singles, doubles and/or mixed, you’ll be moving between what looks like separate tournaments. To see what we’re talking about, go to our DUPR club home page where you’ll find an “Events” tab. Click that and you’ll see each of the separate tournaments. Register for the events you want to enter and we’ll charge your account when we make the draws. The tournament fees are $60 for the first event which includes a ¼ zip shirt and a $15 Blue Court Grill credit. Each additional event is $10. Please note, you can only enter up to three events and no more than one in each division, i.e. singles, doubles and mixed. Again, here’s the link to our club page in DUPR and, as a reminder, you’ll want to click on the “Events” tab in order to register.

Shirt Size

The good folks at DUPR are aware their software needs some further development including adding a way to collect shirt sizes while registering. Yep, if you want a shirt you’ll need to tell us what size. Jerry has started a list so make sure he has your name and size on it if you want one.

Looking for a partner or not sure which event you should play?

Contact Pickleball Coordinator, Jerry Weigle, and he’ll be happy to help.

Whew! That’s a lot but we wanted to lay it all out since this our maiden voyage with DUPR. As always, if you have questions, please ask. Jerry is the point person but Cami Best and I are happy to take stabs, as well.

Okay, get to practicing and good luck!